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World O-CHA Festival 2001 - MENU

O-CHA 2001

O-CHA Marketing Seminar

Meeting room

People take part in 24 lectures that are held for 3 days from the 6th to the 8th with instructors of each field.

Akio Baba .Suggestion on sales style of Japanese tea as trend merchandise

Aikoku Tea Production "Cha tsu jin
Executive director
Akio Baba
Tetsuo Wada Current situation and future possibilities in the use of natural enemy

Arista Science
Group leader
Tetsuo Wada
Shunichi Snne Future strategy of tea in local community

Ureshino Ocha-mura, Mayor
Tea room Ureshino
Vice chairman of executive committee
Shunichi Snne
Yukino Watanabe Tea specialty retail store as a growing business

Seishin Trust Bank
Takuji Hitosugi Managing strategy of future-oriented tea shops

Surugaen corp
Takuji Hitosugi
Naoya Takayanagi ISO(14000, 9000) for management of tea industry

Fujita Management Research Center
Chief consultant
Naoya Takayanagi
Kiyohisa Miyashiro Development and introduction strategies of Green tea drinks
Kirin Beverage
Product manager of Product Planning in Marketing Division
Kiyohisa Miyashiro
Kinichi Hasegawa Strategy of Tea factory on 21st century
. New tea manufacture method "Seama" and characteristic of new green tea

Tuna Medic New Project, Project Development Manager
Kinichi Hasegawa
Yasuhiko Saito Challenge of producing unique tea
- Farming with great effort

Shimada city Chaogin Reserch Lab. Center, Representitive
Yasuhiko Saito
Kazuyuki Morita IT revolution and business
-Distribution revolution for the tea using IT.

NTT. ( Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, )Nishi Nihon
IT Business Promotion Manager
Kazuyuki Morita
Yoshiko Atsumi Tea related episode by tea expert flight attendant

Japan Airlines
Fright Attendant & Japanese tea instructor
Yoshiko Atsumi
Shintaro Kimino Tea Industry viewed by tea manufacture for the big consumption.

President of Kimino En Co., Ltd
Shintaro Kimino
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