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O-CHA 2001

Closing Ceremony

Greeting at closing ceremony

Yoshinobu Ishikawa With 111,227 visitors and participation of many companies, leagues and groups, World O-CHA Festival, covering production to culture of tea, was held. World Green tea Association was established on September 4th. Its goal is to succeed to the results and networks to increase the demand of green tea and to further develop tea industry. It was the first World O-CHA Festival. And it is significant only if it is continued. World Green tea Association will take over the promotion, but Shizuoka prefecture, which brought up the idea of the association, would like to start planning of the next World O-CHA Festival in 2004 in Shizuoka.

Director of World O-CHA Festival, Governor of Shizuoka prefecture
Yoshinobu Ishikawa

Visitors learned the excellence of tea culture. I expect Japanese tea instructors to further rustle.

Central Society of Tea Industry
(Chairperson of Japanese Tea Instructor's Association)
Shozo Harada

Shozo Harada

At Tea Lesson O-CHA Club, we were able to inform the visitors how to drink tasty tea and how to communicate with one's open heart. I hope people will take it back home.

Shizuoka cooperation of tea industry, Chairperson
Masami Suzuki

Masami Suzuki

people appeared at tea ceremony in 4 days, including 500 people every day, who are not familiar with tea ceremony. It was a fruitful 4 days.

Federation of Shizuoka Tea ceremony, secretary general
Taizan Yokoyama

Taizan Yokoyama

We have never had over 100,000 visitors in our event before. I hope O-CHA festival will be held in the future.

Japan Tea industry Machinery, Chairperson
Noboru Masuda

Noboru Masuda

Significant information exchanges were done through the latest scientific research presentations, which offered us the possibilities and potential for the future. It is important to continue and develop the results.
2001 International Conference on O-CHA Culture and Science, Chairperson
Masaaki Hirobe

Masaaki Hirobe

I hope tea producers will put more effort on this occasion, to produce Shizuoka tea for every generation. I would like to utilize the sensibility of the youth.

Shizuoka Economy of Agriculture cooperation, Chairperson
Yoshio Yamamoto

Yoshio Yamamoto
Activities of Ochami san kai for the last 2 years have been reported at the presentation. I would like to thank all who are involved.

Shizuoka Ochami san kai, Chairperson
Masayo Mochizuki
Masayo Mochizuki There were many young people among the visitors. 100,000 visitors include various people. Continuing is the key. It will start from here. Let's put our effort together for the preparation of the next festival n 2004

World O-CHA Festival. General producer
Judy Ongg
Judy Ongg

[World Green Tea Association]

World Green Tea Association was established on September 4th for people involved in various fields relating to green tea such as history and culture, industry, and health benefits to expand their exchanges and spread the benefit of green tea on a global ground. Registration desks set at Granship and Twin Messe during the World O-CHA Festival.

World Green Tea Association
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