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World O-CHA (tea) Festival, Brief History

1996, Oct.26

A proposal of opening World O-CHA(tea) Festival was made by the governor of Shizuoka prefecture Mr. Ishikawa at the 50th National tea festival as well as forming up worldwide tea organization./p>

1996, Dec. 2 Governor Ishikawa declared to proceed the plan aiming to hold the festival in the year of 2001.
1997, Jan. 3 Governor Ishikawa declared the foundation of world Green Tea Association on the opportunity of holding World O-CHA Festival in 2001 when he met Mr. Suga, the governor of Kagoshima prefecture at the new year meeting. (Collaborated plan by The Shizuoka Shimbun and The Minami Nihon Shimbun)
1997, Feb. 7 Media reported the budget secured to study opening World-Cha Festival and the foundation of World Green Tea Association.
1997, April.Å` Preparations started.
1997, Jun.30 Committee of Fundamental Investigation started to form basic plans of the festival.
1997, Oct.16 Summary of the basic plans was determined.
1997, Nov. 8 World O-CHA Festival liaison conference was established among major tea producing prefectures.
1998, Feb.17 First conference was held to promote further works.
1997, Mar.26 Ms.Judy Oung inaugurated as General Producer of the festival
1998, Dec.16 Planning committee of the festival events was established.
1999, Feb.24 Basic plans completed.
1999, Mar.15 Second conference was held and approved the basic plans.
1999, Oct.15-17 Pre-event called World O-CHA Forum was held.
2000, Jan.24 Basic plans completed.
2000, Feb. 22 Planning Commitee of festival event completed the basic plan of the festival.
2000, Mar.22 Third conference approved the planning of the programs.
2000, Oct. 24 Forth conference approved the programs.
2001, Jan. 1 World O-CHA Festival was introduced at the ceremony called Fuji no Kuni Count Down at prefectural office.
2001, Jan.25 World Green Tea Association was founded.
2001, Apr. 1 Speeded up preparations started with 16 stuff.
2001, May23-June4 Festival promotions were made in Germany and in England
2001,June13-17 Pre event called "O-Cha at Museum" was held at Serizawa museum.
2001,Jun.13 Fifth conference approved the detailed programs
2001,Sep. 1 World O-CHA festival plans were introduced at Ecopa Stadium by Ms. Judy Oung before J-league soccer match.
2001, Sep. 24 Fuji city O-CHA festival, a pre-event of World O-CHA festival was held.
2001, Oct. 4 Sixth conference was held at Gran Ship for the final checks and press interview.
2001, Oct.5-8 World O-CHA festival was held at Gran Ship, Twin Messe and at Matsuzakaya Department store.
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