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Overview of event

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  2. Overview of event

Event Name

Event Name
The 6th World O-CHA (Tea) Festival
Name in press release
World O-CHA (Tea) Festival 2016

Having now taken place five times, the World O-CHA Festival has gained international recognition, as evidenced by the number of participating countries. With the goal of further establishing and expanding this event in the future, the upcoming festival has been named the 6th World O-CHA (Tea) Festival to emphasize the event’s history. For press purposes, it will be called World O-CHA (Tea) Festival 2016 in order to make the year of the event clear.

Toward the 6th world O-CHA(Tea) Festival theme

“Enjoy O-CHA”–Let’s feel O-CHA with 5 senses-

People feel happy when their heart is moved by 5 senses (see with eyes, hear with ears, smell with nose, taste with tongue, touch with skin).
In modern times when there are different habits and tastes, it is difficult to gain sympathy with only one image.
Therefore, to embody this theme, we bring out new attractions of tea in each field collaborating with various fields, and let everyone enjoy the tea.