World O-CHA(Tea) Festival 2013

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Fall Festival Program

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  • Fall Festival

Fall Festival Dates:November 7(Thu) to 10(Sun) 2013 Venue:Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center“Granship” and other locations

Program01World O-CHA Trade Fair

(1F Main Hall, 3F Lobby, Grass Plaza)

World O-CHA Trade Fair

Have fun seeing, drinking, buying tea at the large marketplace.

Program02World Green Tea Contest 2013

(1F Medium Hall Entrance)

World Green Tea Contest 2013

Exhibition of award-winning teas in the competition between the latest innovative tea products.

Program03Tea Industry and Culture Exchange Tours

In various parts of Shizuoka Pref.

Tea Production, Culture, and Interaction Tours

Tours to experience the appeal of tea.

Tour content

tea party experience, tea field and factory tours, etc.

Program04Tea Parties from around the World

(3F Main Hall Foyer, 6F Exhibition Gallery etc.)

Tea Parties from around the World

Enjoy tea ceremonies from around the world by tea lovers.

Program05Bonds Formed through Tea –New Ways to Enjoy O-CHA(Tea) -

(6F Reception Hall)

Bonds Formed through Tea –New Ways to Enjoy O-CHA(Tea) –

Proposals of new styles and ways to enjoy tea.

Program06Collaboration between Tea and Sweets

(1F Main Hall South Foyer)

Collaboration between Tea and Sweets

“Choice Tea Café”: enjoy selected teas and sweets.

Program07Japanese Food Culture Expanding Overseas

(6F Exhibition Gallery etc.)

Japanese Food Culture Expanding Overseas

Introduction of “Washoku: traditional food culture of the Japanese” .

Program08International Conference on O-CHA(Tea) Culture and Science

(Nov. 6 – Nov. 8 : 11F Conference Hall, 10F Conference Room, etc.)

International Conference on O-CHA(Tea) Culture and Science

Announcements of the latest accomplishments by tea researchers from around the world.

Program09World Green Tea Conference

(Nov. 9 – Nov. 10: 11F Conference Room)

World Green Tea Conference

Growth Strategy for expanding Japanese Green tea market around the world.

◆ 13th Tea “Karuta” card game tournament in Shizuka
◆ 4th Instruction Contest: contestants compete their best instruction
abilities on how to make tea
◆ Special tea experience course in how to enjpy tea
◆ Commemorative Speeech and Awards Ceremony of Chabashira Literary Award
◆ Seminar on black tea made in Japan
◆ Potential of fermented tea in Japan
◆ Tasting Festival
◆ Photo Exhibition “The Heart of Japan Mt. Fuji”
◆ O-CHA symposium “Chinese tea culture”
◆ O-CHA symposium “Green tea industry and tea culture in South Korea”
◆ Symposium “Tea in Health Promotion –Human Studies and
New Functional Aspects”
◆ Lecture “Origin of the tea”
◆ Symposium”Traditional tea-grass integrated system of Shizuoka,